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Indiana Jones IV revealing spy shot

IndianaJonesIV.jpgThere's a snapshot taken from Comic Con of an Indiana Jones IV display, and the model might reveal a few connections for the film.

In the picture, which shows what might just be the Hasbro booth, there's a minature from the Indiana Jones IV production. It shows something like an Inca temple with a golden fixture atop, and there's something familiar about that fixture to me...of course I'll have to check it out when I get home, but it does look a bit like the ark from the first film. Sure it isn't a perfect match, I'm not saying it is the ark, but the designs look similar.

Actually I don't really believe it is the ark from the first film, but it would be a lovely tie in if the last Indiana Jones film returned to the first adventure. I would like that.

The photo, which can be seen over at /Film, has been snuck out of Comic Con before the display has gone on view for the public. Perhaps it's a model from the film? Perhaps it's just something to tantalise the fans for the upcoming fourth Indiana Jones.



I regret now that I gave my Indiana Jones trilogy boxset away, I knew I would want to do a marathon before Indy IV comes out!


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