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Indiana Jones stars video and Hurt stays quiet

IndianaJonesIV.jpgJohn Hurt is refusing to reveal who he is playing in Indiana Jones IV, so the speculation continues. In a recent interview he said...

“Well, I'm not allowed to tell you about my character - it's under tight control for good reason. It's not meant to be 'boo to you sucks' type of thing - it's because it makes sense...and it wouldn't help you to know what I was playing anyway.”

Empire tried to gather more information from him on his role and the film but he was giving nothing away.

Regardless of who John Hurt is or isn't playing Indiana Jones IV, we are sure that there are a few people that are in the film. Over at the Indiana Jones site (which is rather annoying that you can't link directly to a page of content) you can see an introduction to Comic-Con from the lead actors in the film on set. Yes, you can see Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Ray Winstone and Shia LaBeouf. Oh, and someone called Steven Spielberg.

It was fun to see them all together, although it does look as awkward as anything when it gets going. Still, Ford is dressed as Indy and he looks to be having fun. Now we just need to wait until it arrives...or the first trailer comes out.



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