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Iraq documentary No End in Sight trailer online

NoEndinSight.jpgNo End in Sight does look like a very biased, one way look at America's behind the scenes involvement in the Iraqi War, but at the same time it seems powerful and suggests that it might be very insightful, and the trailer is online for you to watch now.

The film looks into the reasons behind America's move to war, the decisions and early days as America reported, prepared and moved their troops into the country, all told from the words of people who were actually involved, and from high ranking officials.

When you watch the trailer you do get a sense that this is a highly polished and well edited documentary, but from the outset it's clear that this is a negative look at America's involvement and the war, and that there's going to be nothing positive in this. It's the mistakes, the incompetencies, and the deliberate avoidance of issues that is going to be highlighted.

Have a look at the trailer for No End in Sight over at Apple Trailers [QT:M:iPod] and see what you think.



Having seen this movie I can say its a very straight forward look at hte war from the people who planned it and then were removed from their roles at the start of the war. Very moving film with some serious credibility because of who is in it.

Well the trailer does seem to give a very single viewpoint. I'm glad the film is more balanced.


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