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Iron Man shows Mandarin origin?

IronMan_Poster.jpgJon Favreau has been talking about the villains of Iron Man, and he's revealed that Mandarin may not be one of the lead characters in the film, he's likely to be set up in his origins.

As Favreau spoke about Iron Man he said that the big villain for Stark is Mandarin, but he just couldn't be thrown into the film straight away:

"Mandarin is not the type of villain where, right off the bat, you could watch them squaring off… You can't stay true to the books ... without putting off the mainstream audience. ... As he's depicted in the books, I don't know that that depiction would work nowadays…You can't have Sauron be the first person that Frodo meets up with. ... You have to lay enough down in the storyline so, as the story unfolds, you get there, but you also have to delve into the rogues' gallery and see."

Now reading that it sounds to me as though Iron Monger and his friend, who uses the Iron Man suit against him, are to be the main villains with Mandarin appearing in the background. It does feel that the idea would be to build Mandarin up from his origin and have there for much later in the film, or perhaps even in the sequel.

The comments come from Sci Fi Wire.

I have growing hopes for this film, especially after seeing the Comic-Con teaser and seeing that excellent cast list. Could this turn out to be a leading Superhero film franchise?



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