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Iron Man teaser trailer looks stunning

IronMan_Poster.jpgThere's a teaser out for Iron Man, and I have to say it looks superb, even in the darkness and poor audio of the Comic-Con room, and you can see it right here.

You can see some of the comedy that's going to be in the film (I say see because some of it is difficult to hear) and you'll catch glimpses of the original Iron Man costume as well as the superb new suit we'll see through the film. The closing scenes of Iron Man being chased by jets are the best part of it all.

The trailer is right here for you to see in the main article. I'm thinking that this could be a superb start to a new superhero franchise already. Jon Favreau looks like he's done an excellent job just going on this footage, and the casting of Robert Downey Jr. looks to be proving the perfect choice we thought it could be. Here's the teaser.

Thanks to Freeze Dried Movies for the link.



Two thumbs up from me and the talk that Norton wrote the script only adds to my appreciation of his talent.

Agghh! This video is no longer available.


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