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Updated: Is Riddler in The Dark Knight?

AnthonyMichaelHall.jpgI'm pulled in two directions about the new Batman film The Dark Knight, with the cast and creatives behind the first mightly impressive restart of the franchise back on board along with great new names I'm really excited, but to hear the rumour that there's another villain in the film is starting to make me worried.

Already we know the Joker is in the film, and then there's been talk of Scarecrow returning, and a definite appearance from Two Face, the question is how could they fit another baddie in there? Well the rumour is that Anthony Michael Hall is just that, another villain, and he's playing the Riddler.

According to Comic Book Movie have the rumour from who knows where that Hall is set to play one of the coolest Batman villains in The Dark Knight.

Meanwhile, over at Latino Review has a couple of stills of Heath Ledger as the Joker on set, and there's a very long distance shot of some darkened figure speeding by that is supposed to be the same character.

Riddle me this, when is a Batman rebirth not a Batman rebirth? When it pours the villains into the film a la Batman Forever. The only way I can see this working is the same way we've seen with the previous film and the first two Spider-Man films, there's one main baddie and the others are referred to in the film.

So let's hope that Joker is the main piece, Scarecrow is merely the opening villain we see being dispatched, and along the way we're introduced to Two Face and Riddler, characters who are then saved for the next film. I think the worst thing would be to see them all contend for screen space against Batman.

Update: 17/07
There’s even more footage of Joker online over at IESB along with another new video of the man in action. Frankly, I’m getting a little bored of seeing grainy shots and far away videos…but I know some people won’t be.

Update: 17.07
I didn't realise that Ramchandra and Louise had already posted this while I was away. My apologies guys.



Yeah too many baddies would give us Spiderman 3. Please no...

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