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James Bond returns in Devil May Care

JamesBond.jpgNot a film, but a novel, its fair to assume that it's only a matter of time before it gets there though, so I thought it's fair to do a post about it.

From My Way through Superhero Hype we have the following:

James Bond will soon be back, in bookstores, says The Associated Press. "Devil May Care," a novel written by British author Sebastian Faulks and authorized by the estate of the late Ian Fleming, is due to come out in 2008, the centennial of Fleming's birth.

According to the Doubleday Broadway Publishing Group, "Devil May Care" is set during the Cold War and, like so many Bond adventures, moves about a variety of scenic locales.

Looking forward to the film adaptation already. ;)
Written by Ramchandra, edited by Louise



"Not a film, but a novel, its fair to assume that it's only a matter of time before it gets there though"

Why assume a film adaption, there have been over 20 Bond novels writen by people other than Fleming and none of those have ever been filmed?


Perhaps you have been reading the press which typically has been falsely proclaiming this as the first new Bond Novel for 40 years? It aint.

Wow, you're absolutely right, shows how much I know about novels, huh? Apologies for the innacurary. Will have to look into some of those, any you'd recommend as a priority?

Don't worry Ramchandra it's an easy enough mistake to make with all the ignorant hyping press stories out there.

Actually, I have only read the Fleming Novels and not all of them at that. I'd recommend them though but bare in mind that many of them have little in common with the films other than the titles.

In fact the recent version of Casino Royale is the first film to borrow heavily* from a Fleming Novel (during the second half of the film) since On Her Majesty's Secret Service!

(*Live and Let Die, had a little of the book in it.)


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