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Jim Carrey nods to "Yes Man"

JimCarrey.jpgJim Carrey has accepted to go back to his roots in a comedy called "Yes Man" based on a book by Danny Wallace. We get a little insight from MTV Movies Blog as to what we can expect:

"It's about a man who finds himself very depressed, and is always saying no. When friends ask him out, he always says no," Heyman said of the script. "[The film will explore] what happens when he decides to say yes to every thing that comes his way."

When asked what the tone of the flick would be, Heyman insisted it would be old-school Carrey. "It's really funny," he grinned. "It's one of the funniest scripts I've read."

Sounds a lot like Liar Liar to me, haven't read the source material to comment for certain though. That said, I like Jim Carrey, in his wacky comedy as well as his more serious roles. I've noted a lot of people tend to prefer one to the other. How about you?

Written by Ramchandra, edited by Louise



I have always liked Jim Carrey since his days on the TV skits of In Living Colour. I like him both as a serious actor and as a wacky comedian.

That said: My favorite movies of his consist of the ones where he had serious roles - Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Truman Show, etc. These movies I can watch again and again. Movies like Ace Ventura, I enjoy once but never watch again.

I'm with you Richard. I like him on either side of the fence. I laugh my ass off at Dumb and Dumber, Ace and Liar Liar. But Eternal Sunshine of the Spotles Mind is in my top 100 of all time easily. Man on the Moon is great too. So yeah, I can handle another comedy "similar" to Liar Liar.

For the record though, Dick and Jane was totaly bilge.

Hey Drewm that wasn't me, that was Louise covering for me while I'm on holiday - and I'm still on that holiday for another day too!

I actually prefer him in his serious stuff, even though some of those choices are pretty poor films.

Still, this sounds like the true story of a couple of UK journalists/writers who have done both options. They've lived their lives for months saying either "yes" to every question or "no".

Actually it was me :) Welcome back Rich'

I've got to agree Man on the Moon & even the more recent Number 23 I totally loved .. but I can't deny being a fan of The Mask too, though that was probably less Jim Carrey's doing.


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