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Joker campaign continues

TheJoker.jpgThe Joker, from The Dark Knight, really has his people working hard on his campaign with the results of his search for new members of his crew and an advert dragged behind a plane for Comic-Con giving away a nice pre-recorded message from him.

The site, WhySoSerious.com, which I wrote about the other day, was looking for people to arrive at a location at a certain time, and now the results of that search are on the web on the new site that WhySoSerious.com redirects to Rent-A-Clown.com shows the pictures of everyone who turned up on that day, and they all look like they did their best to keep in character. The story comes through SuperHero Hype.

Meanwhile BatmanonFilm through Liquid Generation has caught the cool sky advert and after calling it they've recorded the audio onto an MP3 which you can download and listen to right here [MP3:Dload].

The viral campaign really is kicking off well, and it's something we're seeing across a number of films at the moment, and they all seem to be working well too. However I think Dark Knight has the run on the success of the campaign so far.



One of the dude's even had a SUperman T-shirt .. Nice touch :)


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