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Kate Beckinsale as Catwoman?

KateBeckinsale.jpgNow there's a warning with this story that Kate Beckinsale is keen to play Catwoman in the next Batman film, and that's the fact that we don't know how the question arose at Comic-Con. My first bet is that she was asked the question directly, responded to it, and then it has been taken as her own desire.

However, let's look at what she said first.

"...I have a thing for black latex...I think Michelle Pfeiffer was such an awesome Catwoman. I'd have to give it some serious consideration."

Now to me that does sound like it is a direct response to a direct question. What do you think? MoviesOnline have the quote from the WhiteOut panel, and to me it feels more like a passing comment. Yet when you think about it, she might just make it work.

That said, this current Batman is far from campy, even on the tiniest of levels, and there are so many villains in the Batman universe that are camp galore, and for me Catwoman is one of them. I really can't see her fitting in with the current take on Batman can you? The same goes for Penguin.

No, I see the next villain as Two Face, without a doubt. There's no angle I can see on Catwoman that would make her a real character. Just look at what they did with Scarecrow, they made that character work in our reality, can the same happen with Catwoman, and would Kate Beckinsale be the right choice?



Oh my dear God, Kate would be AWESOME as catwoman. So my vote is yes.

I also say YES !!!
She's got the attitude, the look and the grace.


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