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King's Insomnia gains Schmidt and Winston

Insomnia.jpgStephen King's Insomnia has been given a Director and a special effects lead already, and I didn't even know the project was underway. Rob Schmidt and Stan Winston are on board the project.

According to Rob Schmidt himself, he is doing the film because Stephen King liked Wrong Turn so much, that I'm not so sure of, but it does sound like a good choice for the film. What's more is that Stan Winston is sure to create some magic for the film.

The news comes from Dread Central through Moviehole.

What's interesting is that this, much like many of his later novels, are tied into the Dark Tower universe. I wonder if these connections will be left in?

The story, which I've read and quite liked, is about how Ralph is finding it harder and harder to get the sleep he needs, waking up earlier and staying up later. Then he begins to see things, shapes, colours, auras around his friends, and then the bald doctors who always arrive at the scene of a death. It seems that Ralph can see things that no one else can, and they can see him too.

It was an okay tale, I was pulled in enough to keep reading, but I don't think it was anything amazingly special. ind you, I've not been the keen fan of King that I was when I was younger for some time. For me his novels became obsessed with the same ideas and the same structure that never really caught me. Until the Dark Tower series of course.

Will Insomnia make a good film? Or is it too close to the more important Dark Tower series?



I agree it was an okay book. It's not my favourite Stephen King book though, I think I'd be hard pushed to watch a film of it.

I would watch a film of The Dark Tower series though. But as I'm still on the fourth book in the series that you loaned me, I should probably get a shift on.


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