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LaBeouf to take over Indiana Jones franchise?

ShiaLabeouf.jpgSo Shia LaBeouf has signed a three film deal for Indiana Jones, frankly that shouldn't be a surprise. Nowadays every film contract that is for a potential or existing franchise includes some form of one or two sequel tie in clause.

Did anyone really think that there was going to be one more Indy film and that would be it? Really? After they already attempted to create a new young Indiana Jones with River Phoenix?

The story from /Film doesn't really surprise me one bit, and it shouldn't really be taken to mean that there's going to be two more films with or without Indiana Jones.

What it does mean is that the studio realise that there just might be some potential in the series after this film, and that if it did well they'd be kicking themselves if they didn't have contract tie-ins, especially since it is more or less common practice with most series nowadays.

So the real question is would you want an Indiana Jones spin off after Indiana Jones IV and would it be with Shia LaBeouf? Or imagine if the film is really as good as the original, would you want Harrison Ford back again?



Indiana Jones is basically my life. My favorite films easily, watched them all 100+ times over the years, I collect Indiana Jones books, replicas, scripts, posters, etc., I drove 500 miles to try and be an extra in Indy 4...

With that said, if they did an Indiana Jones spin-off in any way... I would be furious. I would not give it a chance. Ever. I would be sickened and disgusted and probably completely give up on Hollywood.

I'm not even exaggerating.

With that said, I really, really, REALLY don't think this will happen.

No, I think you're right, I think it's standard contract wording.

However, imagine if it did happen. Would you only accept it if Ford was in it as Indy?

I'm glad Lucasfilm denied this today.

First of all, though, if they ever got anyone else to play Indy, I obviously would never accept that. As for Harrison Ford doing small "cameos" as Indy while the movie focused on Shia LaBeouf's character, I wouldn't care about that either. What would be the point of those movies? Just to milk money!


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