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Leto is the last immortal

JaredLeto.jpgJared Leto is joining a film called Mr Nobody which sees him as the last mortal man, aged a mere one hundred and twenty, on an Earth populated by Immortals, as he relives imaginary and real years of his marriage.

Co-starring Sarah Polley, Mr Nobody is to be directed by Jaco van Dormael and seems to be carrying quite a large budget at something between US$40 - 50 million.

The concept, which comes from Hollywood Reporter through Cinema Blend, sounds rather unusual and quite high brow, and what's the idea of having him relive both imaginary and real events from his marriage about?

I think we need to try and find more out about this story, but so far it's Jared Leto that's attracting me to the story, his performances are superb, and there's nothing to doubt he'll do the same here.



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