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License to Wed competition - T-Shirt and posters

LicensetoWed.jpgCompetition time on Filmstalker again, and this one is for the Robin Williams comedy License to Wed.

Unfortunately only for US and Canadian residents, this one is to win a T-Shirt or two posters for the comedy License to Wed that sees Robin Williams playing a priest who has a school for couples to pass before they area allowed to get married in his Church. However the school has some rather unorthadox methods, and Mandy Moore and John Krasinski play the couple who have to go through his rigorous procedure.

So, if you want to win a T-Shirt (below) or poster (in the main image) just answer the following question before the closing date of July the 10th 2007.

This competition is closed
This competition is closed


What was the name of the TV show that made Robin Williams famous?

Send the answer to competition@filmstalker.co.uk, and remember this is for US and Canada residents only, and I'll need your name and full postal address as well as the answer.

As usual, these details go to no one else apart from me and are kept in my private email on my personally locked computer in my own house. The winners details are sent to the marketing company responsible for the prizes (in this case Warner Brothers) who send you the prizes directly.

There are three posters and one T-Shirt up for grabs, so get entering before the 10th of July 2007, good luck!

This competition is closed



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