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Lions For Lambs trailer

RobertRedford.jpgLions For Lambs has a trailer that we can all watch now. Filmstalker brought you the first trailer which was not for the eyes of those outside the USA. But now we can all watch, lucky us.

Lions For Lambs is the first picture out of United Artists studio, since Tom Cruise and Paula Wagner took control late last year. The film follows three separate stories which all intertwine. Cruise plays a Senator, Meryl Streep is a journalist and Robert Redford is a college professor. Add in the current political hot potato that is the war on terror, and you have what sounds and looks like a great film. What do you think?

Robert Redford is also directing, the script coming from Matthew Michael Carnahan. You can see the trailer here at Apple Trailers through Empire Online.



Wow. I don't know about anyone else but this trailer is very powerful and it really turns around what I was expecting from the film.

Cruise looks great. Yes, I did say that.


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