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Megan Fox wants Hack/Slash

MeganFox.jpgMegan Fox is being rumoured to play the lead of Hack/Slash, Cassandra "Cassie" Hack, the character who travels around killing killers.

The story begins with Cassie being the picked on kid at school, her mother is the lunch lady there and one day loses her grip on reality and heads out murdering everyone in the school that has ever done wrong to her. Cassie calls the Police and manages to save the last victim, however she watches her mother kill herself.

Quite traumatic. Leap forward a little and Cassie's mother comes back to life as a slasher and Cassie kills her. Cut to the future and Cassie is gorgeous, Megan Fox gorgeous, and has decided to roam across America hunting slashers and killers. She's now deadly as well as gorgeous, and uses both to great effect. You can read more about the story on Wikipedia.

Megan Fox looks perfect for the role and according to Shock Till You Drop through Jo Blo, she is very interested in taking the role of Cassie up on the big screen. I think thousands will flock to the film for that reason alone.



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