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Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd together again

MichaelJFox.jpgAccording to a couple of separate rumours, both Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox are set to start together, but unfortunately not in a Back to the Future film. Instead it will be Robert Zemeckis' A Christmas Carol.

Apparently the roles were written for these two actors, and they have signed up for both roles. Christopher Lloyd is set to portray Marley's Ghost and Michael J. Fox Tiny Tim.

A Christmas Carol is using that Robert Zemeckis Polar Express type motion capture and will ultimately end up being an animated film. The story comes from a combination of Jim Hill Media, BTTF.com and through Moviehole.

It's going to be great to hear them both back together, but I'm not a big fan of the motion capture style from Polar Express. For me, rather than make it look more real, it actually makes it look more fake. It's hard to explain why, it just gives an odd experience for me.



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