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Miller says Weinstein's holding up Sin City 2

FrankMiller.jpgSin City 2 has been delayed for some time, and whenever we hear mention of it we're always told that it is happening but then new projects come along and fill up their schedule, even the stars have no idea what is happening with it. At Comic-Con Frank Miller mentioned that maybe there's a reason for the delay, the Weinstein's.

You could imagine that the Weinstein's would be a little shy of taking risks at the moment, especially after Grindhouse, but can anyone really say that a Sin City 2 wouldn't be a success?

According to Dark Horizons through Jo Blo, Frank Miller said the following at Comic-Con, this isn't a direct quote:

"…he and Robert Rodriguez have a script ready - an adaptation of A Dame to Kill and some of the book's other short stories -- but left the cryptic hint that the Weinstein's themselves are part of the hold up -- likely tying into the fledgling distributor's lack of success so far at the box-office."

Oh dear. Why would they be holding up the film if not for their big name failure on Grindhouse? Could it be that they don't have much stock in Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller? Perhaps they are waiting to see how their next few films turn out?



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