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More bad Bean in Cache

SeanBean.jpgOh the wasted talents of Sean Bean, an excellent actor so criminally underused, and the word on his latest film seems to suggest more of the same. The Cache is a revenge thriller where a man brings a couple of kids into his unlawful operations.

The blurb is all too brief and doesn't give us nearly enough information to make a judgement on, but it does suggest more of the same for him.

I wish someone would pick up Sean Bean and give him some great leading roles, and not just rely on his rugged looks and accent to play the atypical baddie all the time. I know he's good at it, and sure he's making a lot of money out of it, but we're losing out on an excellent actor.

The story from Moviehole has word that Chris Hemsworth and Victoria Profeta are co-starring in the film with Steve Anderson directing the film. Yes, it sounds like it's going that way already doesn't it?

Come on, give Bean a chance. Isn't that a song?



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