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Neil Gaiman talks Death: The High Cost of Living

NeilGaiman.jpgNeil Gaiman has been talking about Death: The High Cost of Living and has revealed that he's close to starting his directorial debut on the adaptation.

Death: The High Cost of Living follows a character much like that of Death who takes the human form of a young woman and Gaiman says that he doesn't want a piece of work that he's so proud of being ruined by anyone else.

"I'm so proud of The High Cost of Living, the graphic novel that it's based on, that I know that most of what works about Death is tone of voice and the way that it's to…If somebody made Death and they screwed it up, it would hurt. She's like my kid. If anyone's going to screw it up I'd rather it were me."

According to the story on Sci Fi Wire Guillermo del Toro will Executive Produce. There are some legal issues that have had to be cleared up as Death carries some Sandman elements and those belong to another studio, however Neil Gaiman says that these are close to completion and the film is moving along nicely.

It seems that Gaiman is experiencing a little high in Hollywood right now. Is this a good novel to see on screen for fans of Gaiman's work?



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