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New casting for Watchmen, Ozymandias isn't Law

MatthewGoode.jpgThere's another casting rumour for Watchmen, this time for Ozymandias, the role previously rumoured to be filled by Jude Law, and before him Zack Snyder said he had been talking with Tom Cruise for the role. Now, in keeping with the other announcements, a smaller name has been announced, Matthew Goode.

If, as with the previous two announcements for Rorschach and Sally Jupiter, Zack Snyder isn't going for the big name A-list cast for Watchmen that he was looking for originally.

Matthew Goode has been in a few bigger name films such as Match Point, Imagine Me & You, The Lookout, and most recently the remake of Brideshead Revisited.

You can see from his photo that, with blonde hair, could be a good likeness and build for the character. Now we have to wait and see if these rumours are just that, more rumours, or if they are actual casting announcements. This latest one comes from IESB.



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