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New Dark Knight set footage

Batman_Poster.jpgI'm going to save you the pain of looking through this footage and cut to the chase. There are two clips online of behind the scenes activity for the filming of Dark Knight, and they are completely dull apart from a few seconds of stunt work.

There are two clips taken from behind the scenes of The Dark Knight over at MyFox Chicago, the second one [Flash:Embed] should be avoided as it just shows crew walking about and a truck slowly driving along the set. There's nothing on the truck apart from a white helicopter set. Honestly, this really is nothing to see here.

However the first clip [Flash:Embed] has a great stunt at the beginning, the majority of it afterwards though is just plain boring. More crew walking about and cars being moved. The stunt is the attraction. Seeing a huge truck and trailer being flipped right over is pretty amazing, especially on a city street.

Both clips come through IESB, but I'd say just spend your time on the first minute of the that first clip, see the stunt and save yourself some time.



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