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New Pan's Labyrinth clips online

PansLabyrinth.jpgI have eight clips of Pan's Labyrinth for you to watch that have just been released.

Pan's Labyrinth or El Laberinto del Fauno (Filmstalker review) is the film from Guillermo del Toro that tells the tale of Ofelia and a strange and magical world. Here's a rundown from my review:

Ofelia's mother married a Captain in the fascist army that controls Spain during 1944. His pursuit of the rebel army leads him into the hills where he must flush them out and destroy them all. He is a brutal and cold man, something we see early on as he tortures and kills in cold blood without a second thought.

Ofelia's mother is struggling with a difficult pregnancy and the poor girl is left to her own devices, but as she arrives at her new home in the country she begins to realise something magical is happening, and a gateway to another world is just a few steps away.

You can read the whole review right here on Filmstalker, and the new clips are over the page.

Update: Why the new clips though? Well I hadn't realised but the film is now available to download and watch online from Channel 4. You can read more about the service and download the film over at the Channel 4 On Demand site.

Clip 1: Arrival at the Labyrinth [QT:S]
Clip 2: The old tree [QT:S]
Clip 3: Fighting the Toad [QT:S]
Clip 4: The Captain explains his beliefs [QT:S]
Clip 5: The door to the demon [QT:S]
Clip 6: The demon awakes [QT:S]
Clip 7: Saving the baby [QT:S]
Clip 8: Rebels attack the train [QT:S]



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