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Nicole Kidman to star in Monte Carlo

NicoleKidman.jpgA romantic comedy to be directed and co-written by Tom Bezucha, but wait, this isn't the first we've heard about this, a couple of 'years' ago there was news with regards to Nicole Kidman having signed up to star in and produce a movie adaptation of Jules Bass' comic novel Headhunters.

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we have the following from Sept '05:

The Oscar-winning beauty will play one of four New Jersey women trying to lure wealthy husbands by travelling to Monte Carlo, Monaco, and pretending to be rich heiresses, only to meet four gigolos who are passing themselves off as well-off playboys. The movie is expected to go into production next year (06).

Better late than never, the project now has a title (Monte Carlo), writer (Maria Meggenti) and director (Tom Bezucha) attached. Looks like it's finally going ahead:

From Variety we have today that:

Kidman will play one of three Midwestern schoolteachers who ditch a disappointing no-frills holiday in Paris and pose as wealthy women vacationing in Monaco.

I seem to note, over the couple of years of evolution the story of four women has become that of three, even so sound like an interesting project, apart from one little thing, is this not sounding plot-wise quite similar to How to Marry a Millionaire which we reported earlier that she'd be starring in? Has anyone read the source material that could perhaps comment?

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