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No Director for Logan's Run

LogansRun.jpgThe news was out a while ago that the remake of Logan's Run wasn't going to be made with Bryan Singer, and it seems that the film is no further forward as Joel Silver says that Singer has not been replaced.

I'm hugely sceptical of a remake of such a classic film like Logan's Run, a film which only shows signs of age in the effects and style of performances. However the idea that Bryan Singer was going to remake it made it seem possible that it could be done well, after all he's a fan and he showed his remake skills with his Superman.

With news that he was off the project my hopes were dashed, but there was a curiosity as to who would replace him. Now Silver says that there's still no one on the cards.

"I'm working on it now and hopefully it will come about."

The quote from Joel Silver at SciFi Wire doesn't actually have any other suggestions as to who would helm, or even anyone he's thinking of, there's not even a mention of the Wachowski's. James McTeigue has been rumoured for directing, but Silver doesn't mention him.



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