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Pakistani zombie horror trailer

Zibahkhana.jpgA Pakistan Director has decided to turn against the traditional Lollywood film scene and create a horror film in the style of the American horrors he grew up loving. Zibahkhana (Hell's Ground) is an English language horror film featuring cannibals, psychotic killers and zombies, all in a Pakistani setting.

The Director, Omar Ali Khan, says that the film is not only a tribute to the horror films he watched through his youth, but also a bit of a backlash against Lollywood - the name given to the Pakistani film industry, so called as the base is in Lahore.

"We'd like to rock the movie scene here. Our film demolishes all the traditional film-making barriers in Pakistan… We hope it will inspire some to take more risks."

According to the story from Associated Press through Yahoo News, the story is about five teenagers, described as "jeans-clad, attractive, mostly hip", who get lost on their way to a rock concert and find themselves lost in the countryside of Pakistan. Unfortunately the encounter a psychotic family, zombies and a cannibalistic killer dressed in a burqa, the traditional robe for Muslim women.

Omar Ali Khan is waiting for the Pakistani censors to allow the film to be released in his country, something which might be a little tricky considering the non-traditional genre and the amount of blood and gore in it.

Still, the report says that the film has played to festival audiences around the world who have responded well to it.

Perhaps the horror film will make it through and broaden the minds of the traditional Pakistan film industry. Regardless of that, it seems to be a bringing a lot of attention to the film industry there, and that's always a good thing. Maybe it's the start of a whole new genre for the industry, and a successful one at that?

There's an official site online, and the trailer for the film follows right here, and it is almost four minutes in length...



I'm a big fan of this film (which I now affectionately call "The Islamabad Morningstar Massacre" - you'll know what I mean when you see the film). I caught in Montreal last week with Kahn and the Mondo Macabro folks on hand with the most insane reel of 1960s and 1970s Lollywood horror cinema - just batshit crazy stuff. (My Hell's Ground review here)


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