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Paris Hilton in Repo horror opera

ParisHilton.jpgIn a move that is obviously capitalising on the press surrounding Paris Hilton's recent collisions with the law, Darren Lynn Bousman has picked her up for his horror opera, Repo! The Genetic Opera.

The film is a horror and an opera packed with musical numbers. Set in 2056 it is in a world where human organs have almost become a currency and can be bought on higher purchase - if you don't keep up with the payments then you can have your organs repossessed, by force.

Paris Hilton will play the daughter of Paul Sorvino who is playing the boss of one of the biggest organ transplant companies.

The story from Variety fills me with dread. Her singing and acting seem passable, but it does reek of a PR move to capture publicity. Mind you, how great is Repo! The Genetic Opera going to be, and does it need the style of Hilton's off screen life to add to it?



I don't think Paris Hilton deserves to be even mentioned in Filmstalker!

Hey Simone, welcome back.

Well she's in a film, so I guess she can be...whether she should is a different matter!

Ah, ignore me I'm just being catty! Hehe...

Thanks for the welcome, thought I could use some break, I actually need a much deserved holiday soon!

Paris Hilton needs to drop off into oblivion. Living in Southern California she had made "breaking news" and "top news story" far too often. It's sickening and one of the few things that drive me crazy about where I live.

IMO she woman can't act, she stands and poses, if you take away the mixing board there is no singing voice.

One day...I can only hope Hollywood will finally keep her out of film and the news will let her seep back into the shadows where she once was and belongs.

Don't judge her. In this movie I was BLOWN away by Paris' performance. She was amazing. And I use to not like Paris Hilton.

Watch the movie, you'll see.


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