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Updated: Paula Abdul fired from Bratz

PaulaAbdul.jpgHollywood gossip aside, Paula Abdul has been talking about her role on the film Bratz, and how she's just lost it. Previously she was set to be the choreographer, clothes designer, and executive producer, but she's been fired from all roles.

Not just fired though, she was fired by email and while being filmed for her TV show, and that's when she broke down and became rather upset.

Now I don't like Hollywood gossip, however this whole thing seems rather strange, being fired by email? It's also not something I would reveal on TV nor would I let myself break down and start shouting about it without thinking about my options from there on. Poor Paula Abdul.

You can see the video of it happening over the page from Dlisted through The Post Chronicle. Frankly though, I wouldn't be that upset about being off the Bratz film, but then it is a huge money earner.

Update: 25/07
Seems that she may not have been fired from the film after all, despite the video below. According to The Superficial her representative is denying it:

"The producers and executives [at Lionsgate] begged Paula not to reveal in the press that she had voluntarily left the film as they were reaping tremendous publicity from using Paula's name to attract interest in the film via press releases and internet stories (over 88,000 thus far)." And what about the footage of Abdul crying about the film on Hey Paula!? "Very creative editing," her rep says.




i think they have taken her back though

Have they? Have you got a source for that, it's be interesting to find out what happened.

hoh hoh.. i'm sorry but the woman is a walking car wreck. Didn't she get fired from American Idol for being constantly drunk?...

this clip made me laugh out loud... and the one after it of her having a meltdown because she doesn't have anyone to do her hair... too funny


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