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Pitt replaces McQueen in Bullitt?

Bullitt.jpgPlace your sceptic hats on as I reveal that the Steve McQueen classic Bullitt may well be up for a remake and that Brad Pitt is set to take the leading role.

For those of you who haven't seen the film, Bullitt contains the legendary chase sequence with Steve McQueen really driving the Mustang through the streets of San Francisco. McQueen was a great driver anyway, and he really goes for glory in these scenes. It's a superb chase sequence, and the rest of the film is pretty good too!

The film sees a McQueen playing a detective who is tasked with guarding a Mafia informant. Hitmen kill his friend and leave the informant near death, and they seemed to have inside information. Bullitt decides to head after the killers and at the same time protect the witness.

The film stars Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughn, Jacqueline Bisset and Robert Duvall, and is a classic. The opening credits alone won an award.

The story comes from Monsters & Critics through Mustang News. The story is built on a source who merely says that Brad Pitt likes motorbikes and fast cars...

"...so it was a dream role for him."

Which could mean anything when it is taken out of context. However Brad Pitt has been associated with this film before, and M&C claim that the project is being fastracked along with a raft of other films to try and get through before the Screen Actors Guild anticipated strike begins.

Actually I think they could remake this film without any problem, however they are going to lose one thing, the legendary chase sequence. That cannot be reproduced. It's legendary because the iconic McQueen drove that car, the shots are wide, long and real, and that just won't happen in today's Hollywood.

Imagine an actor taking on that stunt role without insurance, imagine the chase sequence without fast cuts, rammed close-ups, people in peril on the streets, hundreds of other cars in a huge, explosive pile up, and the attention span of the audience stretched out that long? No, the film can be remade, but that sequence will never be recreated.



The story is built on a source who merely says that Brad Pitt likes motorbikes and fast cars...

"...so it was a dream role for him."

I refuse to believe that Brad Pitt is that shallow to base his interest of doing this remake because it has motorbikes and fast cars, nevertheless, as I have not seen the original I cant really make a proper opinion. I guess I better add this to my growing rental queue now eh?


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