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Pulse sequels gain Writer\Director

USPulse_Poster.jpgWho would have thought that Hollywood would make Asian horror remake sequels? That's sarcasm by the way, as Pulse 2 and 3 are announced and will be filming back to back.

We knew the rumour was out there about two Pulse sequels, and now it's confirmed with the plot synopsis and Writer/Director for both.

The first film was a remake of the Japanese film Kairo which tells the story of a series of suicides that seem to be linked to computers, and an Internet site that sparks the appearance of dead people in the viewer's life.

It's an interesting tale that works well and has some great effects, as well as an interesting ending. However it is far from perfect and you might have thought it would have benefited from a remake.

It didn't, and the remake was pretty poor. It did far from well. Now though, these two sequels seem to be destined for straight to DVD.

Joel Soisson is assigned as Writer and Director for the two films, according to the information from Bloody Disgusting. He has a huge list of sequels, particularly DVD sequels, on his career list for Writer, Producer and Director.

Rather than steal all BD's thunder, here's a quick run down of the two outlines. Beware though, there are spoilers to both the original and the Hollywood remake of Pulse in here.

Pulse: Afterlife
"The world has been reshaped by the invasion of ghosts via the wireless internet."
Well that's okay then, if you don't have wireless I your house then you'll be free from the ghosts! Joking aside, this seems to be a story where the world has been overrun by the return of the dead. Technology and electricity is gone from the surviving human's lives, and the ghosts struggle with being between life and death.

Pulse: Invasion
Similar to Afterlife, this one tells the story of one girl who is lured back to the City, a place where no one but the ghosts live anymore.

Neither sound that exciting to me, there's nothing in there to really hook you into them and it just looks like a vehicle for more of the same. I can't see there being much interest in this at all.



I now feel the need to vomit.


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