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Raimi looking for Spider-Man 4 writer

SamRaimi.jpgIt seems that Sam Raimi is going to be involved in Spider-Man 4 in some way as he announces at Comic-Con that he does want to contribute to the film and that they are looking for a new writer.

"I don't know if I'll just be a producer on it but if I can work with the writer in such a way so that directing would be right for me, I don't know. We've had our first meeting on Spider-Man 4 and we're looking for the writer."

So according to the comments through Empire, Spider-Man 4 is definitely on and they are starting the project by trying to seek out a new writer.

I really wouldn't be surprised that down the road a little there's a poor script and a different Director's vision attached that both make Sam Raimi think that he just can't give up his Spider-Man franchise, after all he's said how much he loves the series himself.

Do you think he'll come back to it? I certainly hope he does.



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