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Raimi talks Hobbit, Spider-Man 4 and 20,000 Leagues

SamRaimi.jpgSam Raimi is a busy man, mainly in the production field right now, and there's a lot of conjecture about what his next big directing project will be. In a recent interview outside Comic-Con it seems that he might have a few options to choose from.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is a project that he is working on right now, although he is clear that it was never written for him to direct. The script has just arrived and they are looking for Directors now. This is a classic film with a great cast, and I actually could see a remake working, with the right team of course.

On the hot topic of The Hobbit he was tight lipped. New Line are in negotiations is all that he would say and he couldn't possibly comment on whether he would be, or would even want to, direct the film. People will be leaning in and analysing his smile while he speaks, is he or isn't he? I'm not sure. I think if all the legal issues are sorted and Peter Jackson is happy, he'll take it on.

He repeats what we heard that Spider-Man 4 is at the beginning of the journey with Sony and that means they are looking for a writer. It is very early days yet and there's no idea if he would direct. He says that if the script was personal to him then he might well, but if it isn't a film that personally connects to him then he wouldn't. We'll have to wait and see.

The video interview is over at IESB, and you can check out his sly grin and decide what it means when Hobbit is talked about. I think he's anticipating the internet analysis of his very grin!

I'd prefer to see Sam Raimi on other projects than Spider-Man, much as I think the series will suffer without him. Getting him on Hobbit would be much more interesting.



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