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Robert Carlyle lookalike needed

RobertCarlyle.jpgDo you look like Robert Carlyle? Well if you do you might win yourself a place next to the actor in a film called Summer.

The production company Sixteen Films are making a new film which requires someone who bears a striking resemblance to Robert Carlyle and is aged between 17 and 23, someone to play a young version of the character that the actor will be playing.

The role of Sean is one of the leads, alongside Carlyle. Sean is a teenager who finds it hard to read and write, and is somewhat of a rebel but has a strong loyalty to his friends.

If you fit the bill then simply send an email to Victoria Beattie Casting, I would guess along with a photo of yourself and some relevant details for the role.

Oh, and let us know if you do apply!



i havent applied as im a bit older than 17 -23 but i did take great pleasure in watching them film part of the film in my home town of bolsover and mr carlyle looks like he has put a little weight on.i dont know if this is of any interest to anyone but i wrote it down anyway.


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