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Russian stylish Apocalypse Code trailer

ApocalypseCode.jpgApocalypse Code looks set to be another big budget Russian film, something that film industry is really starting to pick up on, and while I can't understand a word there are a few things I recognise in the two trailers online. Style, editing, beautiful ladies, and the actor from the Watch trilogy who plays the Night Watch leader.

According to Twitch who discovered the clip through one of their readers, the film is an international spy thriller based on a best selling novel. You have to admit that the film looks really slick, and the filming on those towers must have cost them a little bit.

You can see both clips over on the official site [Flash:Embed] as well as a short montage to music of some production photos.

I'm certainly interested and I'll be keeping an eye on Twitch for this one.



I'm one of the actors in Russian's 'Apocalypse Code' played as an assassin whose trying to kill the the main cast, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk who played as KGB special agent code name 'Beautiful'.

Featuring Rizal Halim a Malaysian Actor/Film Director/Producer the first Malaysian actor who acted in Russian film as an assassin trying to assassinate KGB agent played by Anastasya Zavorotnyuk.


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