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Schrader writing studio horror

PaulSchrader.jpgIn a horror story itself it appears that Paul Schrader is anonymously writing a horror film for a studio that is quite clearly not in his realm. In a career filled with battles to get his stories told he's taking a simple job from the studio and doing what they ask.

You'll remember that when I saw his Dominion: A Prequel to the Exorcist at the Edinburgh Film Festival his frank Q&A revealed how let down and beaten he was over his version of the film, and how the Producer decided to have Renny Harlin step in and make a swashbuckling horror instead. Well it seems that he's decided not to fight the system so much and make some money out of them, well done Paul Schrader.

The story from Teletext tells us that he's re-writing the script strictly for the money.

“It's a nice chance to do something that is not personal. If they want the baddie to have green ears, he's got green ears, fine.”

You have to admire him for doing that, for someone who is so passionate about what he does and believes in it so much that he fights for it, to bow to that pressure and do what they want on any project must take a fair degree of self control.



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