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Schumacher remakes Johnny To's Breaking News?

JoelSchumacher.jpgJoel Schumacher is in talks to remake the Hong Kong film Daai si gin (Breaking News) which was originally directed by Johnny To.

The story sees a breaking news team that broadcasts the embarrassing defeat of a Police team by five bank robbers live on air, after which the reputation of the Police is in tatters. When the Police track the robbers to their hideout and prepare to enter the building the head of the operation has the idea to turn the whole event into a live breaking news story to try and regain some of that reputation.

Johnny To has a great reputation, there's no doubt about that, although I've never seen Daai si gin myself to comment it is supposed to be quite a realistic and tough film. However considering Joel Schumacher's recent record is there a thought that he could recreate this well? According to Yahoo News he's in negotiations right now.

Looking back through his directorial career I can see a few pickable films in the list, but you have to go back a good few years. Phone Booth, 8MM, perhaps A Time to Kill and The Client, Falling Down, Dying Young, Flatliners, and we're just about to break into the eighties.

He has a couple of interesting projects on his slate right now though. The Crowded Room is the true story about Billy Milligan, a man who developed twenty four different personalities in his terrible childhood years and went on to commit several murders and rapes.

1:30 Train is a film starring the gorgeous Monica Bellucci as a woman who is robbed on board the 1:30 train to Boston and then is lost in New York at night with nothing to her name and no one to help.

Town Creek is the film starring Dominic Purcell as a man who, along with his brother, set about on a mission of revenge and become caught up in an occult experiment that seems to stretch all the way back to the Third Reich.

Certainly a few interesting titles there and maybe this resurgence in interesting stories in his directorial career could mean he's finding his groove again. Maybe he could bring something to this story?



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