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Scott on for Blade Runner sequel

RidleyScott.jpgSome time ago Ridley Scott talked about a sequel to the stunning Blade Runner, and now, with the special DVD releases around the corner, he's talk about it again. Much more than that is he's asking for scripts.

Over at Comic-Con he dropped the following comment about Blade Runner:

"If you have any scripts, you know where to send them"

It seems as though he was being genuine too and he would be receptive to a new script. According to one of those insiders through Moviehole, if the script works for Ridley Scott then he's going to try and get it made.

I'm not so sure how it would work, and we couldn't see Harrison Ford coming back for the film, just look at Indiana Jones IV, he's pushing that a bit, so could we see another Blade Runner in five to ten years? Not with Ford I would think.

However there's plenty in that universe for another plot, sequel or prequel. How do you think they could possibly make another Blade Runner? Could they get away without using the Decker character?



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