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Sex and the City film stopped?

SexandtheCity.jpgWe all thought that the Sex and the City film was on after all the stars were announced as back, there was a Director and a completed script, and that the film was beginning in September. However there could be some bad news as a story claims that the film has halted with issues over the script.

It would seem that Kim Cattrall is unhappy about her involvement in the film. According to Heat magazine through Digital Spy, Kim Cattrall is concerned that the script gave her less screen time than Sarah Jessica Parker, with whom it has been rumoured rivalry existed for some time on the series and delayed the film production for so long.

I'm not sure how much of this is gossip, how much is really from the set, and how much could just be ongoing hype. The truth will out soon, but for now the word is that the comment is that there are contractual issues with various actors on the show.

It makes you wonder if we ever will see a Sex and the City film made. Even then I still don't get what there is to show, the story was really about Mr Big and Carrie and they got together. Will they break them back up for the film or will it just be a "here's where they all are now" story?



the story was really about Mr Big and Carrie and they got together

I have to agree with you there, although I didn't get to see all the episodes including the one where they got back together. I think I only saw up to Season 3 mostly on DVD.


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