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Shatner back in Star Trek?

WilliamShatner.jpgAccording to one story, William Shatner will be getting a Star Trek role, although there's nothing further to back up the claim.

The story claims that J.J. Abrams said William Shatner would likely have a part in the film, despite rumours, and William Shatner's words live on air, that have been saying that he won't be in Star Trek.

The quotes that Teletext carry from J.J. Abrams at Comic-Con that follow don't back up the statement as they simply say:

“It has to be worthy, of him and of you...This is a series I loved as a kid. This matters so much to so many people. I'm honoured to be here and do this.”

So there's nothing there to say that he is in, and as yet I can't find another story to back this up. So for now take it as very strong rumour, however remember that William Shatner himself has said on air that he's not been talked to about it and isn't going to be in it...so far.

I've said it many times already, I wish he wasn't in it. I wish no one from the original series was and that the new film was a complete restart, or a continuation of Enterprise.



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