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Shatner says he's out Nimoy is in new Star Trek

WilliamShatner.jpgWilliam Shatner has confirmed on air that he's not going to be in the new Star Trek film while his old friend Leonard Nimoy will most definitely be.

According to his appearance on Talk Radio, the video for which is over the page, he called Leonard Nimoy and talked about the new Star Trek film and Nimoy revealed to him that he had read the new script. He then asked if he was in it and Nimoy laughed, replying no.

Hear it for yourself from William Shatner...

The story comes from MoviesOnline.

So that's it, thankfully they are managing to break some ties with the original series, however I'm wondering why Nimoy is still involved. This must mean flashbacks from Spock's elderly years to this new story.



Ouch for Shatner! But I am stoked to hear that Nimoy will be in it.


"thankfully they are managing to break some ties with the original series"

What? "thankfully"?

Yikes, didn't think you felt that way about classic Trek, which still rocks, especially with the episodes they've been releasing with updated special effects shots.



I think they are headed in totally the wrong direction by trying to restart the original Star Trek franchise with a young crew of exactly the same characters. That's what I'm saying, and that's why they shouldn't be trying to recreate the exact same series and crew.


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