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Shinobi gets US remake

Shinobi.jpgShinobi is the latest Asian film to fall into the Hollywood remake pot, but this time around the Shinobi remake sounds like it has something extra to offer.

Sinobi is the story of two ninja clans who are at the peak of their powers and are feared throughout the land, they also pose a threat to some powerful figures, and so a contest is created in order to fuel the rivalry between them. Not only that but the contest is to the death. During the bitter rivalry two of the clan members fall in love, Romeo and Juliet style, and perhaps they can end the fighting.

The remake will be written and directed by Max Makowski who directed One Last Dance, Taboo and two successful TV shows, The Agency and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

Makowski is modernising the tale and setting it between two multinational security firms who have been fighting for some one hundred and sixty years. Their rivalry is almost at an end but a love affair between two of the team members complicates matters.

According to Variety the film will pull in elements of Asian gangster and ninja films, and it will be set in Hong Kong. It does sound as though they are keeping on the right track for the remake, rather than pulling it into Hollywood and changing everything to fit the standard template.



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