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Sleuth trailer online...in the US

JudeLaw.jpgThe trailer for the remake of Sleuth is online, however if you're not in the US, bad luck. The remake stars Michael Caine and Jude Law. Law taking on the role Caine played in the original beside Laurence Olivier, Kenneth Branagh directs.

So for those lucky enough to be able to view it, head to ComingSoon. Hopefully it will be freely available soon. We will get back to you...



Well, I thought everyone knew by now that you just have to set your clock to an US time zone, in order to be able to view those "restricted" AOL trailers ;)

Ah. You learn something new every day. Thanks Vaggelis!

I don't think I can bear to go see this rehash. Law doesn't look a patch on the vulnerable, pathetic Caine in the '72 original. But, for those of us in blighty that really must see the trailer now, go to good ol' youtube...



Thanks for the other links guys.

Personally I don't like Law and Caine together. Maybe a totally new cast, without Caine playing the opposite role to the original, might have been better?

Ach I wouldn't give AOL or MTV the satisfaction. There's no reason to restrict the content, it's just an exclusion policy more than anything, and they do it on every video.

Thanks to everyone who has supplied a different trailer route though.

I loved the original, it's a classic film and so well crafted. Here I'm concerned. Caine appears very good and quite restrained, the shots we have of Law make it look as though he's just over hamming it.

Still I have a lot of faith. Branagh and Pinter have to say a lot don't they? The story looks updated and quite stylish, but it doesn't seem as though it should be written off just yet.


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