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Sony want to develop your film

PCScreen.jpgSony Pictures have turned one of their smaller arms into a mini-studio that will look to turn content created by real people into films and television shows.

The company is currently called Grouper, but is having its name changed to Crackle this week. The company will allow people to join and upload their own created content into different channels where they will be judged by editors, partners and other users. From there winners will be chosen and they will be offered the chance to collaborate with Sony executives and build their project into something bigger.

The story in Reuters through Yahoo News gives a practical example. The site features an animation channel called Wet Paint, and here the contest is run quarterly with the winner receiving a cash prize and the chance to pitch their idea to Sony Pictures Animation executives. If they were successful then the idea could be taken on board for development and eventually onto the small or big screen. The shorts channel gives winners the chance to pitch to Columbia Pictures executives, and so on.

Sony Pictures are taking this pretty seriously and have said that the development budget for Crackle is somewhere in the mid-seven figure region.

This sounds like the next big step in the development of content for the studios, accessing the ideas and talent out in the real world that maybe hasn't had a chance to get into the industry as yet, never mind put them in front of an executive that is willing to listen and has budget.

For anyone making small films, or dabbling with the idea, this sounds like an excellent chance to see if you can impress people enough to get somewhere.



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