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Spawn 2 will not show Spawn

Spawn.jpgThe next Spawn film, which Todd McFarlane is planning to write, produce, direct and independently finance, is not going to feature Spawn. Well, not that much anyway.

According to McFarlane himself he's looking to concentrate on other aspects of the story, and when Spawn doesn't appear it won't be like the typical comic book character, it'll all be too late.

"I'm not going for Freddy Krueger horror and I'm not going for Spider-Man action superhero…I'm not even going for a guy who's going to sit there and talk. You're never actually ever going to see him in his cape or costume in any kind of direct light. It's just going to be this thing that's just going to come, and if it's there then buddy, you're going to have a bad day."

Is what he has to say on the story from MTV through JoBlo. In the full MTV interview he compares the character more to Jaws than anything else, the unseen creature for the most part. That probably means we'll see the effects and aftermath and be left wanting that shot of what is actually behind it all.

It seems quite a large concept to compare to Jaws, but when you read the article you might just be on the same page with Todd McFarlane. The new Spawn will be unseen, quiet, and a devastating force.



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