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Stalked: Alone in the Dark and The Descent sequels

TheDescent_Poster.jpgA bit of sequel madness now as we hear from the sequels for The Descent and Alone in the Dark.

The Descent (Filmstalker review) sequel is apparently titled The De2cent. Yes, that's pretty much what I thought, at least it's setting our sights low so perhaps there's only one way to go from here. We've already heard that Neil Marshall isn't involved, and with that title you would hope not! Scripting for the film is ongoing according to Shock Till You Drop through HorrorMovies.ca.

Now, Alone in the Dark II. According to Moviehole Dee Wallace, who has starred in many, many films, is set to star in the sequel to Alone in the Dark. Amazingly the news is that the original Director Uwe Boll is not involved in the remake, instead it's Michael Roesch and Peter Scheerer, Writers and Producers on many Uwe Boll films...is that a good sign? Rick Yune, Lance Henriksen, Jason Connery and Ralf Moeller are also set to star.



Oh god. 2 Horrible sounding sequels. These are the type I hate.

I agree! I really liked the Descent but ugh please don't do a sequel especially if it's called that.


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