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Stalked: Botswana helps Ladies Detective Agency and EU release sex scene video

AnthonyMinghella.jpgThere's a little controversy over a European Union promotional video that's gone online to promote European cinema, but hey, sex sells. Plus the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency has found a star, and has received a cash injection from Botswana.

The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency is being directed by Anthony Minghella from a script he and Richard Curtis adapted from the Alexander McCall Smith series of novels. Previously we had heard they were having difficulty casting a lead, mainly because they wanted local African talent. It looks like they had to give up the search though, and now they've chosen the first two actresses, Anika Noni Rose to play Grace Makutsi and Jill Scott to play Precious Ramotswe.

At the same time the Botswana Government, where the filming is taking place, have decided to add US$5 million (GB£2.5 million) to help the film production, this is in the hope that it could continue to develop a film industry in the country says Onkokame Kitso Mokaila, the country's minister for environment, wildlife and tourism through The Guardian.

The EU has released a short promotional clip on YouTube that has some mainstream media sites aflutter because it features...now be quiet everyone and don't tell a soul...sex. Oh my lord, yes. It's that thing that's so natural to every other species in existance and yet somehow humanity has demonised and made evil and dirty. Surprisingly though the clip is nothing to get excited about, although it is rather clever. You can see it below in the main story.

The clip was found on YouTube after reading the article in Yahoo News. You can see the full EU list of videos over at their own YouTube site.



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