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Stalked: Cloverfield and Indiana Jones IV posters

IndianaJonesIV.jpgThere are some new shots of Cloverfield and Indiana Jones IV posters online.

There are a few new Cloverfield posters online, all showing the same image of a smoking New York with a headless Statue of Liberty in the foreground, but the different is that they each carry a different title above them - Monstrous, Furious, Terrifying and Barbarous. The Furious and Barbarous words seem very out of place though, I half expected to read one that said "Livid"! You can see them over at /Film.

There's a new poster from Comic-Con for Indiana Jones IV, and it's reinforcing that idea that the Ark is back. The poster features the corner of a big box crate with the hat and whip resting on the corner. Looks very nice and captures the feel well. He's back…Memorial Day. Once again you can see this over at /Film.



Hey Richard, I would question the Indy poster. It's the same as the new looks and feel of Indiana Jones (dot) com.

Plus, not sure if they actually stamp posters with the certification.

In any event, it is cool.


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