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Stalked: Doomsday poster and War clip online

Doomsday.jpgNeil Marshall's Doomsday has two posters, one with a sexy Rhona Mitra on the front. Meanwhile there's a clip for the Jason Statham and Jet Li action film appeared online, and there's no sign of Statham.

The first poster for Doomsday with looks pretty good and suggests plenty of hot Rhona Mitra action...sorry, I have a big crush on her, but the best thing that this poster shows is the phrase at the bottom, "A new film from Neil Marshall". Really, that's all I needed to see. The end isn't nigh, it's not even released yet.

The second poster looks even cooler, and shows us what to expect after the end has come. Okay the first guy is scary, but there's still something about that mad woman in the background...Thanks to Solace in Cinema for catching the posters from AICN.

The clip released for War is, well, tame. I sometimes wonder why marketing people decide to release the clips they do, what does this show us? That Jet Li and sexy Devon Aoki can act and look good in black? Is that what the film is about? Regardless you can see the clip over at Coming Soon [Flash:Embed]. For me it is a wet a blanket as the Dark Knight teaser.



I hadn't even heard about this until I saw the pictures from Comic Con yesterday. The poster look great!


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