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Stalked: Foxx's civil rights, Year of the Fog, From Within, Shaft on Speed Racer

JamieFoxx.jpgGeorge C. Wolfe is directing Jamie Foxx in a tale of racism and murder during the Civil Rights movement, Semi Chellas is adapting a tough novel called The Year of the Fog, Phedon Papamichael is directing From Within with Adam Goldberg and Jake Weber and Richard Roundtree of Shaft fame is onboard Speed Racer.

George C. Wolfe is to direct Jamie Foxx in the legal drama called Blood on the Leaves. The film is about a District Attorney who is struggling with the idea of revenge as he prosecutes a black history professor for the murders of white men who where accused of crimes against black people during the Civil Rights movement. The story is based on the Jeffrey Stetson novel. The news comes from Reuters through Yahoo News.

Semi Chellas is set to direct an adaptation of Michelle Richmond's novel The Year of Fog (Amazon.co.uk / )Amazon.com according to Variety. The story is about a young woman whose partners child disappears when she stops to take a photograph one day. They struggle to get through the blame, loss and grief, while trying to find out what really happened.

Phedon Papamichael, the cinematographer of the superb Walk the Line (Filmstalker review), is to direct From Within, a thriller starring Adam Goldberg, Jake Weber, Thomas Dekker and Elizabeth Rice from a script by Brad Keene. The story is set in a small, religiously strong town and looks at a young girl and her Christian upbringing which is at odds with her desire to experience the outside world. Mysteriously, residents of the town start to die suspiciously and soon her desire to escape becomes more. The story comes from Variety.

Richard Roundtree, of Shaft fame, has joined the Wachowski Brothers Speed Racer film to play Ben Burns, a racer turned commentator who is an icon to the fans and a hero to Speed, according to Reuters through Yahoo News.



Speed Racer is also supposed to be about to shoot second unit scenes at Santorini, Greece later this week, if that means anything to anyone.

Thanks for that update verbal.


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