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Stalked: Franklin Snitch, Reynolds and Bullock Propose

SandraBullock.jpgSandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are in cheesy Disney romance together, and Carl Franklin will be directing the real life inspired Snitch.

I remember reading about this film before, but again I can't actually find it. Carl Franklin is set to direct Snitch, a thriller that follows father whose son faces thirty years in prison after being set up in a drug deal. To save him the father makes a deal and goes undercover to infiltrate the drug gangs. The story is from Reuters through Yahoo News.

Another story from the past is the next Sandra Bullock film which sees her star alongside Ryan Reynolds. They are both set to play together in a Disney romantic comedy called The Proposal. Bullock's character will be facing deportation to Canada and so she marries her young assistant to allow her to stay. The story is from Reuters through Yahoo News.

More romantic comedy guff for her career to gently slide away on, and to boot it's a story we've seen multiple times before.



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